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Meet Averec

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Anonymously send positive messages to your friends and family. Tell somebody they are admired without the embarrassment. Give the gift of genuine praise.

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Meet Avery

The nicest owl on the internet

Avery is our beloved mascot and your helpful guide to Averec. Once inside the app, click on Avery to contact our team for help and support. Watch Avery celebrate every time you send or receive an Averec.

Feel the love

Real Averecs sent by real people.

James, last week when you were in London on business, I noticed you tipped the waiter a 50 pound note by casually shaking his hand and...

You already have 5 dogs. You didn't need another one. But last week you adopted Peanut, a 4 year old pit-mix, just because your heart is...

I know your divorce 3 years ago was hard, and you still struggle to balance the new routine. But today I heard your step-daughter Sarah...

Don't give up. One job rejection only brings you closer to where you need to be. If I had a business - any business - I would hire you in...

Damn, you can draw. Jayne, I knew you were an artist but holy moly. I know you're going to school to be a teacher but please never ever...

Dan, you paid $600k for your house. Don't sweat it. First of all, I know Natasha supports the decision. But more importantly, I want to...

You won't remember me, but when you were a senior and I was a freshman, you saved my life. At a high school party over a decade ago we...

Linda, I'll never question your judgement again. You were right. Yellow does not go with green. No exceptions. Fine. You win.

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Add goodwill to the world.
Ditch the negativity on social media.
It’s simple but powerful. 





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